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Diagnose, Assess And Successful Manage Of Painful Condition

Broadwater Clinic Log

Our aim here, at Broadwater Clinic is to provide prompt assessment, diagnosis, and successful treatment of  inflammatory and degenerative arthritis and other musculoskeletal pain conditions. Common conditions we treat include:

We also treat soft tissue problems such as,

  • Tennis elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Foot Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease

We also treat connective tissue diseases

  • Lupus
  • Systemic Sclerosis
  • Mixed connective tissue disease

We diagnose, assess and treat osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases.

Treatment Options

Inflammatory arthritis has historically been treated by non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These are still used for short term benefit. In the 1980’s with the development of low dose methotrexate treatment a better outcome was obtainable. In the middle of the 1990’s the momentous emergence of Anti-TNF treatment radically changed the prognosis for those with inflammatory arthritis.

Today there are a number of other treatment options available, including biologics such as Anti-TNF, Il-6,Il-17, Il-1, JAK Inhibitors as mentioned in FAQ determining the optimal treatment will depend on your characteristics. Corticosteroid injections is another option and is generally well tolerated and successful, these can be done on your visit to the clinic. Another successful option would be topical analgesic with combined non steroidal anti inflammatories and or local anaesthetic.

Natural remedies for soft tissue issues

Exercise especially in a swimming pool/hydrotherapy setting has been shown to greatly facilitate recovery. Meditation has been shown to both reduce stress which has a very negative impact on your pain/dysfunction but also reduce pain.

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