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Broadwater Clinic is a Rheumatology clinic based in Waterford. Our aim is to provide prompt diagnostic assessment facilitating early focused intervention for pain and inflammatory and degenerative arthritis. We are conveniently located close to University Hospital Waterford, across from Circle K petrol station. We have free ample parking on site both to the rear and front of the clinic. It's core specialties are:
  1. Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of inflammatory arthritis e.g. rheumathoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and associated conditions such as ankylosing spondylitis.
  2. Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of connective tissue disorders, e.g. polymyalagia rheumatica, lupus, systemic sclerosis, and polymyositis
  3. Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal pain conditions.
  4. Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases.
  5. Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of neck, shoulder, back and hip pain.
  6. Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of hand, elbow, and upper limb painful conditions.
  7. Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of foot, ankle, knees, and other lower limb painful conditions
  8. Diagnosis, and treatment of gout, and pseudogout
For a full list of our expert services, check out our services page here Services.
Our Rheumatologist Dr. Darragh Foley-Nolan, studied in University College Dublin Medical School. He trained in Rheumatology initially at the Mater Hospital Dublin under Dr Ciaran Barry, Dr Dermot Roden, and Dr Robert Coughlan. There he was involved in providing a predominately clinical service. His interest in the development of electromagnetic treatments for musculoskeletal pain resulted in him being awarded the prestigious William Stokes Award of the Royal College of Physicians. Part of the thesis with subsequent internationally recognised journals involved studies on patients with acute and chronic neck pain. A compilation of his work was later presented for his MD degree from the National University of Ireland. For further information on Dr. Foley Nolan and also more of his accolades including an article about how he pioneered the use of biologics in ireland to treat a gentleman in a lot of pain, check out Expertise

Patient Referrals

All patients are referred from their GP with a full list of medications and their other illnesses to facilitate the development of safe and effective treatment strategies. As injections with steroid and local anaesthetic are a useful treatment option for arthritis and musculoskeletal pain, these can be administered at clinic visits. The incurred cost is covered by private health insurance. The resident Rheumatologist Dr Darragh Foley-Nolan is an experienced rheumatologist with qualifications of MB, MRCPI and MD.

Our Health Insurance Partners include:

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